Stacious Shows Off Banging New Body After Dropping 40 Pounds

Dancehall star Stacious is showing off her banging new body after dropping 40+ pounds.

The “Come Into My Room” singer says her weight loss mission started last year summer. She said her secret is eating healthy, diet pills, and exercise.

“After several years of being up and down with my weight, I made a promise to myself and decided to stick with it. It was hard work, but now I am more committed to it,” Stacious said.

“I started last year July by making an effort to eat healthy, but some times I stray and eat other things. But most importantly, I stay away from starchy food, rice and oily stuff.”

“I didn’t really take a structured approach, it started out structured at first, but after awhile I was able to balance what I ate on my own. I also have trainers who I work with. My physical trainer is from JDF, then for the toning aspect my trainer Cain was responsible for that. He made sure that certain areas got the desired look such as the booty, thighs and back. I also took diet pills, vitamin pills and herbal pills,” Stacious added.

Check out some recent pics of the dancehall diva below.