Red Rat Takes Jab At Mr. Vegas In “Christman Bun” [Audio]

Dancehall veteran Red Rat is the latest deejay to take jabs at Mr. Vegas over his recent cheating baby mother drama.

Last Rat drop a new single “Bun Christmas,” off the new Back Pocket Rag Riddim, produced by Red Square Production.

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According to Red Rat, he pens the single around the the bun (cheating) enigma between men and women, not just Mr. Vegas.

“I was talking to some of my friends and the argument came up about the Vegas situation and one of my female friends (Miss Suss Queen) was saying that a lot of people (both men and women) get bun everyday, all throughout the year, not only in Easter. So the idea jumped in my head, that means a nuff man ago get bun fi Christmas. And seeing that the Christmas season is coming around i thought it would be a good song to drop for Christmas,” Red Rat said.

“I’ve gotten great response so far from most people, a lot of disc jockeys are playing the song both in Jamaica and overseas, and it’s picking up a life of its own. But for the most part all of my fans loving it and is now calling it the ‘Shelliann Part two’,” Red Rat added.

Listen to the single below.