Mr. Vegas Tell All, Regrets Posting Drama On Facebook, Responds To Baby Mama Interview

Dancehall star Mr. Vegas is obviously very hurt by his cheating baby mother Shellian McBayne.

During a recent interview with Ragashanti on Linkupradio, Shellian put Mr. Vegas on blast after he broke news of her cheating ways on his Facebook fan page. She told Ragashanti that she did not have sex in front of their 1-year-old baby girl. She also said she did not cheat on Vegas because they were already broken up over two months ago.

VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Baby Mama Shellian Speaks Out, “I Didn’t Cheat On Vegas”

Mr. Vegas shot back at his baby mother calling her a liar. During an interview with the king of mixup, Mr. Vegas said he regrets posting the drama on Facebook because of the massive attention it drew.

“I didn’t know that this is how much people love these things Raga,” Mr. Vegas said. “When you see 15,000 people like your Facebook page in one day then you realise this is getting too… Me is a youth that like to make my music talk for me… Mi not looking attention from whatever this gossip was.”

During the interview, Mr. Vegas says he is more upset over the fact that she had sex in front of their 1-year-old child.

VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Breaks Down In Interview About Cheating Girlfriend Shellian

“They start making out in front the baby,” Mr. Vegas told Raga. “Then they go into the bed that the baby just woke up out of and the baby keep walking into the room with them there… Raga I have the tape in my hand.”

Mr. Vegas also denies her allegation of physical abuse from him. The “Bruk It Down” deejay also contradicts her claims that they broke up two months ago. According to Vegas she came to him and told him she is leaving him on Tuesday (October 2).