Twins Of Twins Shows Support For Mr. Vegas Amidst Cheating Scandal [Audio]

In an unlikely gesture, dancehall’s most animated duo, Twins of Twins, have thrown their support behind Mr. Vegas amidst his recent drama with his baby mother.

Last week, the “Bruk It Down” deejay went on an emotional rampage on Facebook after discovering that his baby mother, Shellian McBayne, has been cheating in his house with another man.

We are not sure if the Twins are being genuine or joking since you can’t really take them serious. However, Patrick ‘Curly Locks’ Gaynor told the star that persons should show Mr. Vegas some compassion during this difficult time.

“To some men that are laughing, it can happen to anyone of us. Wi naah tek ourselves out of the fray. People should give him time to grieve and stop acting like somebody’s downfall is your joy. We can’t keep doing that. There are things that are comedic and people can laugh about it, but we have to learn to be sensitive,” Gaynor said.

“If he had killed himself, you would have heard the same people saying, ‘Vegas was a good youth, RIP’, ‘Mr Vegas was the best’, and we would have had the biggest funeral in his support,” Gaynor added.

Twins Of Twins released a new track last weekend “So Much Things,” where they took a few shots at Bounty Killer, Mr. Vegas and Tommy Lee.

Listen the track below.