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MORE DRAMA: Mr. Vegas Planning To Release The Tape Of Cheating Baby Mama

Dancehall star Mr. Vegas continues his rant on Facebook after he caught his baby mother, Shellian McBayne, having sex with another man in their home.

The “Bruk It Down” deejay has since threatened to release the video evidence showing his ex-girlfriend getting it in with a doctor man in the presence of their 1-year-old baby girl.

Music Video: Mr. Vegas – Bruk It Down

A close source close to the grieving deejay exclusively told Urban Islandz that he plans on releasing the tape.

“Vegas is very hurt by the situation,” the source said. “She is blaming him for her cheating ways and that upset the man. This is not a act of revenge, but Vegas just want to show the public what type of woman Shellian is. I’ve seen the tape, she use no protection and the little girl was there.”

Mr. Vegas also made it clear on Facebook that he will be releasing the tape.


DRAMA: Mr. Vegas Melt Down On Facebook Over Cheating Girlfriend

The below photo is an alleged still from the tape.

Do you think Mr. Vegas should release the tape?

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  1. Vegas you also a dirty man. Two of you match. I am only sorry for the little baby whose face is shown. She will always see that video with her innocent face in it. She is probably affected so don’t make it worst. Daughters will always love their mothers because they will be a mother some day too. She will grow with resentment towards you Mr vegas. Unless you want you career back on track…

  2. If she want to be wrong and strong instead of apologizing then drop the tape. you give the man a std, screw in his house in front of the child deny it and came out and say he is dumb.
    Its one thing to messed up but when you cannot stand up and say I am wrong, I am sorry then someone need to put you in check.

  3. Mr. Vegas, u releasing such tape how will it benefit you? Will it make you more of less of a man? Think before you act….what will it solve..exactly nothing! #think!

  4. I know he’s hurting right now, but that’s not the right thing to do. That definitley will not make things better.

  5. Release tape? That is the mother of his child and his long time girlfriend, now ex girlfriend. HIS CHILD will grow up and have to see all this someday. The internet does not DELETE. One day she will google her father and this drama will show up at the top instead of ANY of his accomplishments. Keep your private life private.#thatisall.

  6. weh di ra$$ the whole a unuh a talk bout TAPE. a so me kno people gone to the ra$$ dogs. f–k the tape. if him did upset him wud a keep it to him self. me wud a shame fi cum pon fb n twitter n seh me get bun. n there are two sides to every story. f–k di tape n if him do dat him prove to me him less dan a bloodclaat man. him mist member she did carry him child fi nine months n stay wid him seven years. n how muc jf–k him f–k pon har den huh. him fi move a gweh. wen u done u come a talk bout god a ray. god seh forgive u bredda n yea shall be forgiven. wen him release di tape that viral n me sure loa n behold one day him “baby girl” ago see it. n me like shelli any how him do dat me sue him for every red cent him have. women think. is this wat u wud want if u caught n men if it were to be the shelli was u sister or worst u mada wud u want the tape release. all now shelli nuh talk n me like her me keep silent to cuz all rise must have a big ra$$ drop.

    • From yu hear some gal mi kno dem a bunna me av twenty gal so wat yu want twenty man? Go ahead then be a whore. She do iit even wit the likkle babe right there soo why it nuffi spread she’s a thing yu say she carry d baby fi nine months itt nuh must be fi him pickney,plus she married fi a greeencard a neva vegas gal dat a everymoney man woman

    • Expect anything from a woman n keep d mate them close so yu nuh mad wen dem thing yah reach yuh becus its all in d game

  7. LOL! scandalous…

  8. Drop it like it hot TAPE MI SEH dutty bloodcl@@t gyal.

  9. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I stand by u and encourage u to drop the bomb.
    There’s no way u will loose any credentials for xposing the evil the way it happened.
    One love.

  10. yow Mr. Vagas mi no know if yu a see dis yow, yu are taking the right path, release the tape. I sed dat becaz yu neva kick r an beat r has some man wuda do, so this is yur way of taking some of the stress/pain off. infront of the baby, yow nooo, she not even have respect fi r child yow. yow release di thing. caa yu caa lose a court an teck yu pickny.

  11. Optimistic-minded Talie Ama Badchic


  12. I want to see the tape too please plz :)


  14. She nuh ave nuh respest fi u nd u daugther me bredda !!!! Run d video !!!!!

  15. do road wid di tape vegas.

  16. Yes Vegas drop the tape.

  17. (‘-__-) him ah move like ah gyal #NoLie all that nah needed.

  18. yea man drop the tape she playing worst ways.

  19. No I think he should leave it alone how many times he bun her life goes on

    • Yeah I think he should take the high road ..whatever he plan to do remember his baby girl ….and again no one know what make this happen’s us really hard to swallow but don’t Di anything stupid that u might regret …just pray

  20. bus d tape a road. if a me a some time me ago do fi her to how it hot god know vado song sick.

  21. Lorna Mardner Samuda

    unno too dutty! What to gain from that? If he does that then he will lose all ratings as a decent person. Take your child and leave the woman.