British Reggae Singer Lady Lex Sizzles On “Just To Be With You”

British reggae singer Lady Lex highlights the story of a couple falling hopelessly in love and trying to maintain a long distance relationship, on her latest single Just to Be with You.

The engaging track with emotion and sugar coated vocal muscles, is featured on the Amore rhythm from Donsome Records.

“The song describes how the woman desperately wants to be with her man, even if it’s only for a couple of seconds,” Lady Lex explained in a release to the media.

The inspiration for the song is based on a real life experience of a family member.

“One of my family members fell in love with a man overseas and she actually said to me that she felt like she wanted to swim to him, fly to him, and climb a mountain to be with him. I could feel the love from her and used that to inspire me,” she explained.

Response to the song has been encouraging especially in the UK.

“The response from the public has been fantastic. Many of the radio DJs have said they love my song on the track and that many people call up for the rewind,” Lady Lex confided.

“I was very excited when I recorded this song. The amore rhythm track has a love vibe of its own and the lyrics just flowed,” she added.

As for upcoming projects the singer shared.

“I have already written three more songs for Donsome Records. Of the three new tracks, I have recorded one of them called If You Ever Went Away. I am really excited about that song. I sang it live in Edinburgh recently and everyone loved it.”

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  1. Lady Lex ‘sizzles’? Sorry Lady Lex hasn’t got a great voice and the song is BAD but not in a good way sounds like karaoke nite at the local pub…i’d be interested to know which radio stations are giving this airplay – none that I’m listening to…this is not good representation of British lover’s rock..we’ve got much, much better than this…