VIDEO: Usher Opens Up To Oprah About Failed Marriage [Full Episode]

Full episode of Oprah Winfrey interview of R&B star Usher.

Usher for the first time opens up about his failed marriage to Tameka Foster on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

The talk show queen grilled Usher with some tough questions about his alleged infidelity, his relationship with his father, custody battle and why he divorced his ex-wife Tameka Foster.

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“This will be the only time that I’ve ever chosen to speak about it, you know? Ive been a man of integrity throughout the entire progress, which I hope that my boys will understand,” Usher told Oprah about doing the interview.

Usher also told Oprah deeply disappointed he is in himself that he married Tameka and what lead to their breakup.

“It’s pretty hard to walk away from a high-ticket marriage. I’m still kicking myself in the a*s behind that one. I say I’m kicking myself in the butt because I always felt like maybe we weren’t ready and maybe this wasn’t the time or the way to do it and part of that played into the demise of it,” Usher said

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“I wanted to give her the wedding that she wanted, but I wasn’t quite ready […] I really wanted to do things right or at least the perception of what right may be. I impregnated this woman, we were in a relationship, we were in love, so I felt like this was the right way to do things based off my own… I was taking responsibility because she was pregnant but also too, I don’t know if I had the best point of reference,” Usher added.

Watch the full interview below.