Judge Bars Closer From Publishing Kate Middleton’s Nude Photos

The British royal family is winning the first round of legal battles against Closer magazine over the publication of some nude photos of Kate Middleton.

Yesterday a French court ordered the magazine to halt publication of the topless photos that hit the internet last week.

Late last week the French arm of Closer magazine published some embarrassing pictures of Prince Williams and Kate sun bathing while vacationing at the French chateau of the Queen’s nephew, Lord Linley.

PHOTO: More Royal Scandal: Kate Middleton Topeless Pic Leaked By French Magazine

According to TMZ, the court says the photos are an invasion of the royal couple’s privacy and that Closer magazine brutally violates that privacy.

The court ordered the magazine to turn over all copies of the photos or face a fine of $13,100 per day.

The royal family is also moving ahead to file a criminal complaint.