Buju Banton Lawyer File Application For New Trial

Embattled reggae star Buju Banton is showing no signs of giving up on his quest for freedom.

The “Untold Story” singer’s legal team, headed by David Markus, has filed an application seeking a new trial in the United States Court for the Middle District of Florida.

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Last month a judge threw out the biggest Grammy winning singer appeal and a Georgia Circuit Court. The court argued that the dream was rights in their conviction of the singer on three counts of drug charges. That decision dealt a big blow to Buju Banton’s fight for release.

“He’s been strong for a long while, but this is a big blow for him,” David Markus said after the ruling was handed down.

Should the new trial be granted, Buju Banton risk getting a longer sentence if he is convicted again.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10 year sentence in a Florida federal prison. His first trial in September 2010 ended in a mistrial after a hung jury. However, he was convicted on three counts of drug trafficking charges in February of last year at his second trial.

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Buju Banton release date is set for February 1, 2019, but could be released early on good behavior.