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Khago Says Sizzla Gave Him His Career, Talks Feud With Sasco [Video]

Dancehall star Khago has stepped forward to shed more light on his on going you would with reggae/dancehall artist Sizzla and Agent Sasco.

Speaking with Winford Williams of on stage, Khago said he is the first artist Sizzla has ever “buss.”

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“When Sizzla as a man who I respect in music, come and lays his career careless in front of me then I have no choice but to box it away and let the African people know me,” Khago told Winford Williams. “At the end of the day I said never buss anyone but that was a lie because he buss me.”

According to Khago, it’s not Sizzla who is the problem, but rather the hungry dogs around him that are trying to make a name for themselves.

Khago also opens up about why he answered Agent Sasco, who is a more seasoned artist than himself.

“You can’t hold the piece when an artist like that who have 10 years of career come and placed it in front of you, you have to slap it away,” Khago said.

The Khago interview was very hilarious, a must watch.


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