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Rihanna’s Dad Gave Chris Brown Reunion His Blessings

It is now clear more than ever that a Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion is already underway.

Earlier this week, Chris Brown sends Rihanna a personal message of condolence after her grandmother’s death last weekend. Rihanna also supported Brown during his BET performance by sending him a personal message saying “good luck.”

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Now Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, has given the reunion his blessings. Fenty told Britain’s Grazia Magazine that RiRi and Breezy makes the perfect couple.

“Chris has matured a lot,” Ronald Fenty said. “I think everybody has to put the past behind them and they seem to have done that. Being a couple is all up to her… I just wish her the best. I hope things will work out.”

“Everyone is entitled to make a mistake. Her fans are hoping it will happen. They see them as a perfect couple,” Fenty added.

Despite Rihanna’s family forgiving Brown of his past mistakes, particularly that of the 2009 assault, some fans are still angry at the “Turn Up The Music” singer.

It is very clear that Rihanna wants to be with Chris Brown. Just yesterday she shared some candid photos of some good times with Brown on her Instagram.

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  1. Rehanna will have to forgive Chris if only he is ready for a change.The are perfect couples.

  2. Hazlewood smith

    Rihanna is Looking so beauitful and charming .

  3. real men show their babes the color in them women re nt to be pamper.

  4. michellle u re wrong always a second chance in life rihanna can neva find sum1 like chris.

  5. lol… cool we ready for the next bad news

  6. Michelle Jorden

    what man in thier write mind gives a blessing to a man that beats thier daughter to apulp,,, if he goes back to her I will never buy his music again he needs to stay were hes at,,

  7. Aluv wat papa said n dey mek d bst coples.

  8. funmi precious

    Luv what u say papa: