Rihanna’s Dad Say She Needs A Break, Worries About Her Hard Partying

Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty, says he is worried about his daughter’s well being after she visited a hospital twice in recent months.

In April the “Where Have You Been” singer posted a photo of herself on a hospital bed with IV in her arm, following an appearance at the MET Gala. According to reports, she was suffering from flu like symptoms and dehydration.

“When I saw the ¬≠pictures on Twitter I was worried like everyone else. But the truth is she was suffering from flu and exhaustion,” Ronald Fenty told the UK Mirror. “She’d also lost a pound or two in weight and just wasn’t feeling well. Even so, I sat her down and said she needed to take things easy. I told her it was important to chill out a bit, look after herself and not take too much on for a while… (A break) is just what she needs.”

Ronald added that RiRi is doing fine now and is constantly surrounded by caring family and friends.

“Robyn is a smart, tough girl and is fine now,” Ronald said. “She has a good team around her and friends and family who will make sure she is OK.”

Rihanna recently announced that she has pushed back her UK trip for the summer due to her schedule.

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