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Rihanna Little Brother Rajad Gets Some Birthday Cake [Photo]

Rihanna’s younger brother Rajad got himself some cakes. Earlier this week RiRi tweeted some photos of the younger Fenty having a good time with his friends and getting it in on a female friend.

“As for YOU lil n*gga…” Rihanna tweeted a few words of wisdom for her younger brother.

Rajad wasn’t too happy about Rihanna posted the pictures on Twitter. “my life is over now .-.” he tweeted.

Rihanna is very close to his younger brothers and may be a bit protective.



  1. jaime bocou etje veu en fair parti.

  2. jaime bocou etje veu en fair parti.

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  4. Good one..

  5. Muscarellasmith

    Good and Imagination for celebrate the Birthday.