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Blak Ryno Diss Popcaan, Tommy Lee In New Single “Murda Addi Children” [Audio]

The Gaza camp is under fire from several different angles. In the heights of his beef with DeMarco, Popcaan is also facing an onslaught from former labelmate Blak Ryno.

Ryno release a new diss track last week, taking shots at Popcaan and Tommy Lee, the only two Portmore Empire artistes currently recording.

“Dem fraid a me, di bwoy dem fraid a me… Mi kill dem a done, mi no kill dem an run, shot inna face mi kill dem as fun, mi rifle ago swing dem an done… murder Addi children an done,” Ryno rhymes over the No Hailingz Riddim, produced by Panta Son Records.

Listen to the full track below.


  1. Ryno hemma ryrical youth trust mi nuh ,,,,, hem concious,,,,,

  2. Nattyz De General

    I lyk dat.

  3. Black Ryno continues to be boring, He will continue to be worth a non response.

  4. kids, unno betta use yuh music fi spread a good message cah world a need heroes nuh murderers nor stupid fights, ya hear?…ya man.