Remember Snagga Puss From The 90s, He Is Back

1990s dancehall veteran Snagga Puss, also know as The Herbal Man, is eying a return to dancehall.

Snagga said he took some time off dancehall to study for his Herbal business, but the music is still in his heart.

“Mi neva give up pon music, mi did just park music to study about health,” Snagga said. “I went to Germany and spent five years studying biochemistry and a scientific course on the human biological structure. I have now mastered that art and now I am ready to channel that knowledge and energy into music.”

“So much great musician die and we don’t know why. So I study health because I want to help others to know about their health and how to treat their bodies, know what to eat and what to drink and that will be reflected in my new music,” ~Snagga added.

Snagga Puss, who is currently recording new material for his upcoming album on his own label Snagga Spragga Records, is also planning to unveil a new dance move.

“The dance will be out soon and I have some dancers like Lizard Man who will promote it,” Snagga said. “My album will feature Mickey General and at this point I just feel re-energised. I believe at this stage I have the talent and skills necessary and I have more to offer than ever before, my motto is ‘The older the moon the brighter it shines’ and once yu know yu body you can do wonders.”

The deejay said he will drop some new singles in the coming week.