Rihanna’s Brother Rorrey Says Chris Brown Is Her Soul Mate

Rihanna’s brother Rorrey Fenty is perhaps the last person anyone would see showing Chris Brown some love.

In a recent interview with Heat Magazine, Rorrey says Breezy is his sister’s soul mate.

“Rihanna and Chris were great together, they were like soul mates,” Rorrey told Heat mag. “But it’s a very sensitive subject. I just blank it out and I think she blanks it out, too.”

According to Rorrey, Rihanna and Chris Brown have considered starting a family together.

“She has talked to me about getting married and having children,” Rorrey disclosed. “She needs a man who likes to do the stuff she likes doing, someone laidback and fun-loving,” he added about Chris Brown.

Rorrey, who is very protective of his sister, says guys are intimidated by her.

“There are a million guys across the world waiting to take her out, but she says they are more intimidated by her than anything else,” he said.

“I’ve always been protective of her. Certain guys will be looking at her or coming on to her, and I tell them to move away and be careful not to bother her.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna came under fire in recent weeks after the two collaborated on the remix for two of their singles, Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and Brown’s “Turn Up The Music.”


  1. aq setuju aja broter rorrey fenty bilang klo chris itu belahan jiwa rihana, krna kenyataanya rihana dn chris dulu slg mencintai, dn spertinya mreka blm slg melupakan smpe skrg.

  2. Arielle Shela Nafnagirl

    vs étié tro joli ensembl.jaimeré vwr ls enfan 2christ é 2rihanna.

  3. 1st of all your a dumb a$$ brother to think that a man that beat the hell out of your sister is her soulmate how stupid can you get to say a man that beat the f**k out of your sister is her is her soul mate yall dumb a$$ hell.