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Vybz Kartel Gets Poetic In His Quest For Freedom, Compares Self To Jesus

Dancehall star Vybz Kartel continues to profess his innocence in the form of letters and poems, rather than via his usual hard hitting lyrics on discs.

Just last week the “Cake Soap” deejay release a letter calling for the help of University of the West Indies Professor Dr. Carolyn Cooper. This week Kartel follow up that letter with a poem, written in the Spanish Town remand center by the self proclaimed Worl’Boss.

In his final piece, Vybz Kartel said he is an innocent man who the police already found guilty without a trial. Kartel said his life depends on the outcome of this trial.

“Ms Cooper, please publish this letter so that the Jamaican people can see my point of view on this serious matter as my life depends on the outcome of this case.

“In closing I would like to let the people know that i am an innocent man and i have faith in my lawyers and know that i will be acquitted. Thank you. Sincerely yours Adidja Palmer.

In his poem, Vybz Kartel likens his current situation to that of Jesus Christ.

(A poem) Guilty before trial?
by A. Palmer
The police have found me guilty and i
haven’t gone to trial yet,
but they spread propoganda on T.V. & internet
Dem a beat it in the people’s mind
that i’m guilty and deserve death,
but the public knows how the police
operate, so mi nah fret.
So many people in court for allegedly
taking 4, 5, 6 pickney life,
So how they don’t discuss that on
‘CVM at sunrise’?
Allegations of extrajudicial killings
by security forces have already been issue,
but i’ve never seen them on t.v. so
much, talking about that, did you?
Me never kill nobody yet
but they say my music breeds crime,
that’s why they’re on my case they
want me imprisoned long time.
I am an artiste so i know things
will make the news,
but don’t crusade this ungodly way to
distort peoples views.
Mi swear my innocence before all
mankind and God,
why would i risk going to jail Leaving

behind 7 children, after mi nuh mad.
I am not the first man
The romans soldiers have sacrificed,
like me, that man was not guilty
That man was Jesus Christ.

Vybz Kartel is currently behind bars awaiting trial on a double murder charge. He returns to court later this month.


  1. U fi let d teacha ah go fi bos ah nu tune an dis fi ah affect him mun mi nah fi gwan tru dis mi fi feel sorry pan him

  2. U fi let d teacha ah go fi bos ah nu tune an dis fi ah affect him mun mi nah fi gwan tru dis

  3. h krezi hw ken h komper himslf wth jesus.

  4. Bigshiep Boni Muturi

    lyricist to poetic.areal don dada.

  5. This Shows how Weak the Jamaican Legal System is, the the Doctrine of the Rule of Law states Every person is Equal before the Law irrespective of Race, Colour or Religion and a Fair trial be given. Innocent until proven guilty which lies on the Prosecution to proof their Case beyond reasonable doubt. Jah…Jah Ar watch Ova U WarlBoss, Lehdemm Portray and Jah argo ghi U Freedom, Stay Strong.

  6. ey babylon free up e teacha. Yr system and evil deeds are known. Same thng u did to jah cure.

  7. The guilty roam free pan earth whlist the innocent are locked op……Mr Palmer the truth shall set you free either here on earth or up above in heaven.

  8. coz de teacha said so awoooh awaaah.