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Usain Bolt Lock Lips With Slovakian Girlfriend Belle Lubica [Photo]

A photo of Usian Bolt planting a kiss on his new girlfriend Belle Lubica hit tabloids yesterday.

The triple world record holder is almost as famous for his dating life as he is on the tracks. Just recently Bolt was linked to a British waitress name Rebeckah Passley and before her he was linked to Jamaican reality star Taneish “Lava” Simpson, known for her role in VH1’s For The Love Of Ray J.

According to reports, Bolt’s new beauty Belle Lubica is a Slovakian fashion designer who now resides in Jamaica. Lubica is also the business partner of reggae singer Tami Chynn in their clothing line, Anuna And Belle.

Your comments on Bolt new boo below.



  1. What a dirty slut!

  2. I think we as people and all of God’s creation, should not be concerning ourselves with what race an individual picks as his or her partner. We have come too far to still allow race to dictate our views and perspectives…we are all God’s creation…He gave us the gift of choice

  3. I found that if someone cares bout who your dating in general, its cuz they don’t have a man, or cant keep one. Its not that serious, step your game up an stop worrying bout otha peoples lives an who they want to b with.

  4. Shaniboo Jesussave Mattis

    she’s not hot.

  5. Why rate relationships by race, status and financial standing? Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions in affairs of the heart. If they make mistakes we should be there for them. The problem is when they fail to learn from them.
    I am sure all critics of this relationship have made some really questionable choices in their lifetime. May not be love related, but nevertheless, so outrageous that comments as these would be made.

  6. It pain my heart to see this but then again just another black man that is famous this seem to be the dream of most black man that i know on the rock any way they all want a whitie mainly because their mind is still experiencing slavery

  7. Trevon R. Morris

    It matters not if she would or would not if he wasn’t popular substance attracts substance.. I hope he has fun.. Relationships can become great or end no rush for the man.. Take your time with all you meet.

  8. Jazz Clayton Hunt

    hhhmmmm – he has a right to date or marry anyone he chooses but I do have to wonder… in what life would she have given him the time of day if he had not achieved the celebrity status he has… if he was simply Usain Bolt a nice guy from Trelawny without wealth, status or renown… would she even take the time to have a conversation with him? just makes me wonder.

  9. love dem…tender touch dem……..big up yuself mi boss.

  10. step up your game Bolt runway de dry foot gyal dem! if the man has a European car, watch and Clothes, why not European woman…Yes yute! shot!

  11. Tweata, stop yuh rubbish. Everybody has a right to choose his own flavour. We are all God’s creation and the same specie. It’s not like he’s hooking up with some other specie…they are both human for crying out loud. Suppose the man prefer him coffee with milk, nutten wrong with dat. She prefer her coffee black so they complement each other..lol.

  12. Wi run things..things nuh run wi! Run things a yard and run things abroad, run it on the track , play the entire field! Go Usain..u di man!

  13. play the field by all means, better sooner than later.

  14. Bossie a a years a slavery our fore fathers went through to make this sort of thing happen….. so just toil on the fields the same way our fore fathers did bossie.

  15. mmmmh

  16. mmmmh

  17. do u ting Bolt.

  18. Bolt yu a di boss.