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Khago On Freemason Rumors: “mi have some mason wey work pon mi house”

Reggae/dancehall Khago has stepped forward to deny allegations that he is a member of the controversial Freemason secret society.

Khago, whose real name is Ricardo Gayle, says critics are merely seeking to smear his reputation.

“Dem a sey dem check mi career pattern and nuh artiste neva guh Sumfest and buss and me dweet. Dem all a sey mi career drop after mi duh Blood A Boil and then the same song build back mi career suh dat look strange,” Khago said.

Khago said his haters are questioning his rise to stardom despite his fallout with former manager Bankelous.

“People feel like after mi and such a powerful person in the music industry fall out mi shouldn’t survive, but a God mi sey.”

“Mi nuh know nothing about masonry, mi have some mason wey work pon mi house and dem nuh work fi free mi haffi pay dem.”

“Every year dem bring up something else, but I guess mi a duh good music suh haters ago talk bout mi, suh a just artiste life dat. The fans must know how to pick sense out of the nonsense.”

Khago said his new single Bad Mind Ago Kill Dem was recently added to the international Hot 97 FM chart and asserted that it was just his time to shine.

“All the good producers dem a work with mi now, and the song dem a duh well a just my time now or maybe a freemason dat to,” he laughed.

Khago said he is not about the attention, but is more focus on making good music and settinga foundation for his family.

“Me grow up inna people yard and mi neva join freemason. Suh why now when mi can eat a food mi ago join dat dem all a sey mi a one a di worst dressed but mi naah try be best dressed because mi a nuh chicken, is a foundation mi a set for my family,” he concluded.


  1. khago a good youth when u a rise a so it go youth be strong biggz.