Cali P Court Date Pushed Back To February 27

Reggae star Cali P is scheduled to return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on February 27, on ganja and unlawful possession of property charges.

Cali P, whose real name is Pierre Nanon, was jailed by police officers on November 11 moments before he was scheduled to perform at a show in New Kingston.

According to official police report, the Guadeloupe-born singer was found in possession of a stolen phone and a small quantity of marijuana.

Cali P has his case rescheduled when her appeared before the Judge on Wednesday, due to an outstanding forensic report. His bail was subsequently extended.

The court was told that the forensic report was still outstanding and as a result the matter was rescheduled and Cali P’s bail was extended.

Shortly after the incident last year, the artiste’s management team release a statement claming that Cali P bought a phone from someone not knowing that it had been stolen. The boyfriend of the girl who allegedly owned the phone tracked him down and explained the situation to him. Cali P commiserated with the man and they made arrangements to deal with the issue.

However, the police had already been contacted and when they arrived, they searched Cali P and found a quantity of ganja and that led to his subsequent arrest on both charges.