Media Bash Usain Bolt For Partying Like A Rock Star In The Holidays [Photo]

Sprint King turn party King, Usian Bolt, was at the receiving end of some media bashing this past week for partying too hard over the holidays.

TMZ acquired photos of the fastest man on earth drunking booze on top of booze. Those photos sends off a media firestorm particularly among sports enthusiasts.

Bolt reportedly rolled up to the blowout sandbar party in a yacht filled with girls and quickly joined the drunken festivities … hitting a booze bong and chugging Patron X.O. Cafe … a coffee-flavored tequila.

Do you think the media should give Bolt a break?

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  1. Tesfu Teklemariam

    I see him losing in london.

  2. so wat him ano smaddy to him affi enjoy himself him a do it before him buss big so why him should stop now.

  3. Damn u evil people? the man is only in his early twenties, do u expect him to just walk around in track and field shorts doing adverts, or a suit and tie bowing graciously to his fans and the camera? the young man need to have some proper me time, unuh gweh! and left de man alone!

  4. Fran, he has obliterated the world records in two events on several occasions. What do you rquire? Walk on water or feed the multitudes with a guppy and a bullah?

  5. as long as he is not over doing it and why not enjoy life when you can don’t forget life is short.

  6. vingWhat’s the point of achieving so much if you don’t get booze and naked women as a reward?