Khago Gets Death Threats, Blames Music Industry

Dancehall singjay Khago has reportedly received death threats from an unknown source.

Khago, whose real name is Ricardo Gayle, said he got a chilling phone call on Sunday morning.

“Mi get the phone call at about 9 a.m. and the caller say ‘p****hole yuh a go dead later’ and then hang up the phone,” Khago said. “But dem caan intimidate me, mi ah go continue to do good work and sing songs for the people, too much corruption inna the music business but mi naa back down.”

Khago said he blames the music industry for corrupting the youths and have a stern warning for his haters.

“Dem need fi know say mi no frighten fi dem threat even though there is no coming back after death because mi know all of my enemy dem and my friend know all ah my enemy dem so dem fi know wah dem a do.”

Khago said he take the matter seriously and has file a complain to the Mandeville police station. The police department confirmed the report but said they cannot divulge any information due to the investigation.

Khago has an ongoing beef with former friend and fellow dancehall star I-Octane.


  1. “Mi Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem” haters make us famous.
    dem wah him sell him soul fi fame & fortune!
    fi material tings of dis world.

  2. Tessa Greatful Nblessed


  3. Godie Kuda Mutuna

    naa khago don back down to toothless bulldongs! Jah always near u yute…