Rihanna’s ‘You Da One’ Video Linked To Photographer Solve Sundsbo Work

Rihanna new mind blowing video “You Da One” rocked up over 7.6 million views on Youtube in just three days. But she might face some legal issues after the shoot was reportedly strickingly similar to a photographer name Solve Sundsbo previous photoshoot.

The Barbadian pop beauty recently settled a lawsuit with photographer David LaChapelle for an undisclosed sum over copying his photographic vision in her ‘S&M’ video.

The video for “You Da One” is in black-and-white, ‘Clockwork Orange’ inspired romp chock-full of fishnets, leather and booty drops. Rihanna wears a tight bodysuit, slithering around looking gorgeous in-front a brick wall. The end result is totally brilliant.

You can see photographer Solve Sundsbo’s work here.

Watch Rihanna “You Da One” video below.