Bounty Vs Beenie Animated Short Film Went Viral [Video]

The two decades old feud dancehall heavy weights Bounty Killer and Beenie Man never gets stale.

An animated short film “Dutty Bwoy Episode 4,” produced by Mental Chung Creative Labs featuring the two arch dancehall enemies went viral on Youtube.

According to Reinardo Chung, head of Mental Chung, the response from viewers have exceed his expectation.

“Well, I knew people were anticipating its release, but it was totally unexpected as the previous videos would normally range 14,000 views in seven days. It was surprising to see 13,000 views in one day,” he said.


“The response and feedback is amazing, people leave comments saying it’s the best one yet. My inbox keeps filling up with emails thanking me for the series.”

Peep the video below.


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