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Rihanna Spends Thanksgiving With Family In Barbados [Video]

Rihanna journeys back home to her native Barbados for Thanksgiving and she brought the cameras along with her.

RiRi spend some quality time with her family, including her mother, grandmother and youngest brother Rajad.

During her time their, she reminisced on childhood memories while looking through old photos and report cards.

“There’s nothing like family. These are the people who make you who you are,” said Jay-Z, who narrates the story.

Watch video below.


  1. Earnestine smith

    Rihanna is spending the time with time in the Free time .

  2. no matter what u might have done wrong in life, your family will always have your back, that video was a true definition of a real family!

  3. I just loathe the babe.

  4. I love Rihanna…she stays true to her caribbean roots and family!

  5. I loved this video.

  6. This brought tears to my eyes! This is what we need from our kids when they get older. Just to take time from their busy schedules to come home and spend some time with us. It is priceless. I am happy for those of ours who could make it here for Thanksgiving. I know that if all could, they would, because we have an awesome family. Love you all.