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Gullyside Denies Beef Between Mavado and Flexx

Gullyside boss Mavado and protege Flexx may have a beef brewing between the two after a recent incident with law enforcement.

Last week Flexx was named as a person of interest by police, however, the deejay said he could not report to the station as he was on tour with Mavado. Mavado has since rubbished that claim, stating that Flexx was not touring with him.

It appears the incident caused a rift between the two deejays, with some allegations that Flexx called out Vado on Blackberry Messenger.

Urban Islandz hit up our sources inside the Gully camp, who did not deny the allegations but said the Gully is united.

“As with any incident of that nature it can cause tension, but the Gully is a united family and wi naan beef with one another, so people fi stop spread rumors,” the source said.

Flexx has since returned to the island ironed out his legal troubles. Police officers removed the deejay from their person of interest list earlier this week.

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  1. gully mi say mavado all d way.