Zip FM Removed I-Octane From Airwaves

This is unusual for one of reggae music’s brightest stars I-Octane.

Just a week after release his new single “Informer A Work,” one radio station Zip FM has issued a ban on the song claiming inappropriate lyrical content.

The Armzhouze Records-produced single pains a vivid picture of the an “Informer.” In this case the lyrically conscious deejay addresses the issue of persons taking money in exchange for spreading rumors and news about others for their own personal gain.

“Dem seh a money dem wah and dem mouth go pan speed dial, 119, dat deh pon redial, all now yuh trap inna cage, yuh a pree fi a re-trial,” Octane deejay.

The songs producers has since issued a statement saying the song did not intend to portray negative connotations and that they kept in compliance with the rules of the Broadcasting Commission.

“This is to inform the public that The Broadcasting Commission has not put a ban on I-Octane newly released song (Informer A Work). It is ZIP FM that does not get the full concept of the song and placed it on hold. The song is not supporting any form of violence and was recorded with the rules and guidelines of the Broadcasting Commission in mind,” Armzhouze said in the statement.

The single “Informer A Work” has been getting rave reviews in dancehall.

Listen to the track below.


  1. Probably have to do wit di baby saga…

  2. there is nothing wrong with the tune, a wah zip unu guilty are wah…