Stacious Issued Apology After Fight With Bridgez

Gullyside dancehall star Stacious has stepped forward to apologize for her part in a fight with Alliance deejay Bridgez on Friday night outside Hype TV Studio.

On Saturday reports surfaced online about the fight, with one eyewitness claiming Bridgez shoved Stacious while there were inside the studio for the Bedroom Riddim Medley video launch.

“Stacious come out a cuss. As she (Bridgez) open the door Stacious start bang har inna har face wid di phone. She hold on inna Stacious hair and dem start part dem,” the alleged eyewitness said.

Stacious has since broken her silence, opting only to apologise to her fans and the media for the incident.

“Mi just apologise for losing my temper. A just the fans and the mediahouse weh the whole altercation took place mi waan apologise to. On to better things,” she said.

When asked to comment on what happened, the “Come Into My Room” hitmaker declined. “Honestly, I don’t want to comment on it. I think it a get blown out of proportion,” she said.

Bridgez has since only address the fight on Twitter.

“Mi get one brush and that’s what started it yes, wasn’t gon let her brush mi again that’s all RT @Queenie_Mia: I r not defending no friend I’m jus… ”

“Nobody is denying something happened I’m just saying not a ting no happen to me…dem story twis up” (Bridgez Twitter).