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Patrick “Roach” Samuels Calls Out Don Corleon, “Yuh is a poison to dancehall” [Video]

Patrick Roach, the producer behind the popular Overproof Riddim, has publicly ridicule fellow producer Don Corleon in a video posted on Youtube.

According to Roach, Don Corleon stifles his growth in the dancehall industry by blocking his work.

“An yuh know mi nuh too inna nutt’n wid him, because is a bwoy weh gimme nuff fight inna di business behind mi back and laugh wid mi. Yuh si how him cold? Dats why mi nuh too rate dah bwoy deh. But mi forgive him still,” he said.

Roach added that Corleon not only gave him a fight, but has done the same to other local producers.

“Don Corleon yuh is a poison to dancehall as a producer, Roach tell yu dat. Yuh mek it bad fi nuff producer a Jamaica, ‘Bout yuh is the only producer a Jamaica. Yute dat nuh good, wi a put it pon YouTube mek yuh know that. Yuh corrupt Kartel head against artiste. Nuh mek mi talk di t’ing dem to enuh yute,” Roach said.

Roach said Greensleeves Records wanted to buy his first major project ‘The Emergency’ riddim for US$50,000 and Don Corleon blocked the opportunity.

Roach disclosed that Greensleeves CEO Chris Cracknell personally called him saying “Roach I can’t believe it, Don is so bad mind.”

“Yuh a good producer but yuh have dutty heart suh it kill everything weh yu achieve outa music,” he said.

Watch the full video below.