Music: Bounty Killer & Gabriel “Lollipop” Fans Outrage “Really Bounty” [Audio]

Vybz Kartel was ridiculed earlier this year by many dancehall artistes for saying that several other deejays are following him by release their own fr*aky songs. The now incarcerated deejay may have a point.

Dancehall great Bounty Killer has teamed with newcomer Gabriel on a track called “Lollipop,” a remake of the sort to the 1964 classic by Millie Small.

“She request the lollipop, instant the party stop, a mi an sally dat round a di holly back, mek her heart it go giddy up, super size lollipop she naan give it up, she have a passion fi it that’s why she big it up, so any weh di lollipop de she dig it up,” Bounty Killer deejay over an old school dancehall beat.

Since the release of the track this week, dancehall fans have been very vocal about their feelings.

“Really Bounty WTF,” a fan said on Twitter.

“what !! The !! F**k !!! is this ! after making this bounty need go inna grave? smh !!” one fan post on Youtube.

“The song fre*ky but mi love it,” a fan told Urban Islandz on Twitter.

“Gal voice annoying and mi neva expect Bounty fi do a song like this, but a long time Beenie dem seh him fr*aky,” another fan told Urban Islandz on Facebook.

Listen the track below and share your thoughts in comments.