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Ziggy And Rohan Marley Africa Road Trip [Video]

Reggae royalty Ziggy Marley and two of his brothers, Rohan and Robbie Marley, embarked on an African adventure last summer, which has been captured for a new documentary, Marley Africa Roadtrip.

The series follows them while in South Africa, observing the brothers as they experience life in Johannesburg and travel to remote areas. Africa held Bob Marley spellbound but this film discovers it through his sons’ eyes, as they share an exploration, keeping close to the heart of the country, meeting its people and encountering its wildlife.

Between adventures on the road they relate the lessons they have learned from their father about family, moral righteousness and revolution. The series captures their highs and lows with an intimate camera crew, encouraging the trio to film their thoughts, memories, unique humor and frustrations. The three brothers’ interaction with new characters and each other is very engaging as they bring a sense of fun, charisma and thought provoking observations. They discuss returning to the land their father loved and seeking not only what had become Bob’s dream of a unified Africa, but to find out what they themselves have done with their father’s legacy.