Rihanna First Boyfriend Negus Sealy Opens Up About Their Relationship

The UK Daily Mail recently caught up with Rihanna’s first love Negus Sealy aka the Love Doctor, who speaks fondly of the Bajan pop star.

Sealy and RiRi was snapped in Barbados over the summer dirty dancing the islands annual Kadooment day parade.

Negus opens up about how he met Rihanna, her incident with Chris Brown, and why she is too busy for a relationship now.

PHOTO: Rihanna And Negus Sealy Barbados Parade

See some excerpts below.

On how they met
We were introduced by a mutual friend. We shared the same sense of humor; she likes to laugh. I guess we pretty much took to each other’s character and it was just cool ever since then.

On Rihanna wanting to be a superstar
I figured it was like a deeply embedded ambition in her to be a star – that’s what my first impression was, that she was actually destined to be something great. She never told me personally that she wanted to be a star but I could pick it up from her posture, her singing and how seriously she took everything. We would just chill and have a good time.

On why he never took Rihanna on a formal date
It wasn’t necessary for me to ask her out on a date because we all (Rihanna and her local friends) hang out anyhow.

On his nickname the “Love God”
When I saw it I was like this is preposterous. It became a joke and my friends would joke on it and call me that after it was written but I don’t lure the local ladies in Bridgetown.

On dirty dancing with Rihanna at the annual Kadooment Day festival
I don’t know how but photographers just have a habit of catching me at the worst times. Just my facial expression. People see a picture like this and think it’s just vulgarity or whatever but that’s how people in the Caribbean celebrate. Ladies from the Caribbean usually have a lot of rhythm and Rihanna’s no different. She’s a good dancer.

On the Chris Brown incident
It was quite horrible. It was terrible, I felt upset when that happened. He seemed cool when I first met him. But what he did was wrong. I didn’t appreciate it much obviously because she’s a friend of mine but I think she’s moved on.

On Rihanna Not Having Time For A Relationship
She’s absolutely amazing and gorgeous and she has a very, very strong persona. I am so lucky to have spent so much time with her and will always consider her to be a closer personal friend. I value her so much because she has been pretty much been straight up and real with me from the beginning but right now she doesn’t have time for anything serious with any guy.

On attending “Rihanna’s Coming Home” and success
It was even better than I anticipated, she was really good. It gave me goose bumps just to see how far she’s come. She always wanted to do it (perform in Barbados), the timing was right and she nailed it. I love her eccentric, sexy performances. She’s young, vibrant and edgy. She is just relishing every moment of it.

She’s propelled herself to superstardom in a few odd years and done something that no one in Barbados has ever done, no in the Caribbean has ever done in that space of time. Quite frankly I’m pretty proud just to be friends with her and I will always be here for her in Barbados.