Deva Bratt Ignite Beef With Alliance In “Destruction” [Audio]

The usually lyrical Deva Bratt has sound the “Destruction” alarm on the Alliance.

Bratt, who is looking to take on the whole Alliance and Alliance Next Generation ANG, says he has had a bad blood with the group headed by Bounty Killer, since he was a member of the Portmore Empire.

“Bounty Killer is a artiste wey mi rate over di years, that’s why mi duh the song name Can’t Believe which was to show respect when Vybz Kartel diss him,” he said. “I was at uptown Mondays and I hailed the Killer and he didn’t answer. I support Bounty Sunday every week and buy my own Hennessy, yet my songs aren’t being played, and when a selector duh give it a spin is like him waah it fi stop.”

Deva Bratt spared no one in the Alliance, and was much more critical in his attack against Bounty Killer and Iyara.

“Yu si the one wey inna black wey long up fi him mouth, wey come a huff up and a puff up like a steam boat, stop hamma di gal dem fi yu secret nuh leak out,” Bratt Deejay.

“Bwoy sey how mi ago pass? Mi ask him how him ago stop. ‘Hey Iyara, yu mussi waah die or wah, yu a di one wey a look inna Bounty eye or wah fi Killa free Hennessy you a get high or wah’,” he said.

Deva Bratt says he want to clash Vybz Kartel at this year’s Sting because Iyara is no competition.

“Tell Vybz Kartel to fast an pray because it nuh look good pan him, him babymother look distressed, mi want him to come out so that I can kill him at Sting because Iyara nuh strong enough,” he said.

Listen to Deva Bratt “ANG Destruction” below.