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Assassin Change Name AGAIN, Drop New Track [Audio]

Dancehall heavy weight Agent Sasco, more popularly known as Assassin, is experimenting with a new name and new sound.

The Board House deejay recently recorded a new track called “Up In A Life,” under the moniker Wash Belly. The new track, which was release a month ago on the Big Dog Riddim.

Sassin said the new name is not an alter ego as yet since he is not officially recording under the name.

“It wouldn’t be an alter ego ’cause I had no intention of claiming credit for it. I was just putting songs out as somebody else who doesn’t exist. The initial idea was to just put this song out as a mystery artiste kinda vibe,” Assassin said. “Everybody a seh da artiste ya must buss. I take it as a new challenge that I am looking forward to. It is just something interesting to do.”

Assassin said people appreciate the catchy song “Up In A Life,” but it is not getting radio play at the moment.

“People appreciate the song when they hear it but the song doesn’t get played. It highlights a sad reality that not a lot of people are willing to play new artistes. If we don’t introduce new artistes and new talent, what is going to be the future?” Assassin reasoned.

Listen to the track below and leave your feedback below.

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  1. Step Up in a Life.