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Diddy Apologize For Nightclub Rant, T.I. Respond

Hip Hop mogul Diddy has issued an apology to fans and partygoers he lashed out at over the weekend in Atlanta.

According to reports, Diddy lashed out at partygoers at a club event for drinking Grey Goose instead of his signature brand Ciroc.

Diddy took to his Twitter to apologize for his actions.

“I’m a child God and I should be better no matter what somone says to me. I’m sorry for the ignorant way I repesented myself and us.,” he tweeted October 4th.

“To all my childen of God … I have backslid and regressed. Forgive me for my ignorance. Pray for me pls. I know better and I am better.”

“I have a responibility that I promise I will live up to. And I’m more dissapointed in myself than you know. I will humble myself and learn.”

“bottom line is I’m sorry to all! Pls find it in your heart to accept my apology. I will do better and be Greater And a source of positivity!” (Diddy’s Twitter)

T.I. publicly called out the Bad Boy Records CEO, shortly after the incident.

“What’s going on in this muthaf-ka. I’m going to tell you like this, you will not f-k my hundred million up for nothing in this muthaf-ka. I don’t give a f-k what’s going on. I ain’t for that fight s-t. I will get the f-k on out of this b–h and let ya’ll have it. I’ve done enough time. Ain’t nobody else in this muthaf-ka talking about fighting and have did time. I ain’t trying to do it. Puff you got too much money for that sh-t n*cca. Let that n*gga drink what the f-k he wanna drink, f-k that s-t. They ain’t getting money for drinking that sh-t, they paid to drink that sh-t. I love you and will go to war for you but come on man!”

Peep video footage below.


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