Nicki Minaj Wants To Work With Lady Gaga

HollyScoop caught up with Nicki Minaj at the iHeartRadio Music Festival last week where she detail her fashion style and aspirations to work with Pop queen Lady Gaga.

According to the Young Money starlet, there is no plans to how she usually look.

“Usually I wait until the very very last minute and I start being frantic,” said Minaj. “If I look in the mirror and feel happy by it, I don’t wear it.”

Nicki also revealed that she would hop at the opportunity to work alongside Lady Gaga.

“She’s so iconic so yes. I don’t know that when that would happen or if it could ever happen but that would be a dope experience,” said Nicki of the Born This Way hitmaker.

Both Minaj and Gaga are known for their eye-popping attire.