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Reggae Star Denroy Morgan Arrested With 25 Pounds Of Marijuana

Veteran reggae singer Denroy Morgan was arrested on Wednesday after her was caught with 25 pounds of Marijuana in his car.

According to reports, Morgan blew through a stop sign in the Bronx, New York and was subsequently pulled over by cops. The police reportedly smelled a high scent of Marijuana in the car and alerted nearby narcotics investigators. After some questioning, Morgan admitted he had marijuana in the trunk.

Two bags weighing 25 pounds were discovered and the singer was arrested and charged with drug possession and driving without a seat belt.

The bust lead investigators to a nearby house, where they allegedly saw Morgan leaving earlier with bags, and arrested a man named Wayne Swavy. He had 16 pounds in his car.

After obtaining a search warrant, an investigation of the house turned up an enormous 310-pound stack of marijuana bricks, estimated to have been worth between $140,000 to $350,000, depending on its potency.

Denroy Morgan is a Jamaican reggae star, popularly known for his reggae-disco hit single “I’ll Do Anything for You” and his RCA label album, “Make My Day.” His latest album, “Link Up to Ethiopia,” was released July 14.

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  1. Akaila Nabia Abbie Josephs

    omg…….another drama….i don’t understand-so many years on the earth;experience..people don’t think before they act anymore? learn after the mistakes of others! doh!