Where Lady Gaga Going In These 24 Inches Shoe? [Photo]

Only Gaga…

Lady Gaga was spotted waltzing around section of New York in 24 inches stilts Monday night while dressed in red, head-to-toe.



  1. How On Earth Do You Walk In Those?

  2. How On Earth Do You Walk In Those?

  3. Aldrey Ikan Francis

    lol……d B yah a d samplest ting pan earth….if gaga nuh sick, me sick fi sure…

  4. Is’nt she the lady who copied all her syles from the black r&b singer kelis, then try to shut her down to keep quiet. Kelis wore a black bird hat on her head two wks ago , then a week later gaga wore a white bird hat, she is deliberately copying kelis, to try and hurt her feelings, because she know that she is more popular than kelis.