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Gyptian & DJ Frass Fight Left One Man Dead

An argument between producer DJ Frass and reggae/dancehall star Gyptian left one man shot dead at Supa Hype studio in Kingston.

According to reports, an heated argument developed between the producer, real name Kimani Palmer, and Gyptian, real name Windel Edwards, at the studio on Dumbarton Avenue in St Andrew on Monday night.

A source close to the scene told Urban Islandz that Frass went for his goons who attacked Gyptian upon entering the studio. The source said Gyptian friend, who was in the studio, pulled a firearm and fired several shots at one of the attacker leaving him dead.

“Frass go weh and come back wid some tough face man… one a dem drape up Gyptian and put him hand inna him waist as if to go for a gun,” the source said. “Gyptian friend who was at the studio pull his gun and buss couple shots. Everybody was frightened and fled the scene.”

According to the source, the argument was as a result of a track Gyptian did on one of Frass’s riddims. A lot of expletives were being traded between the two.

According to police report, the dead man has being identified as 27-year-old Davion Bailey otherwise called Burro.

The CCN reported that at about 5:45 pm, a group of men armed with guns entered the recording studio and opened fire hitting Bailey multiple times. The men escaped in a white Honda motorcar. The police were called and Bailey was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


  1. Once more this is getting outta control!! How artist can come to this!! Pulling out guns at each other or even not being able to discuss as grown men and responsible businessmen, familyheads. One father, brother, son gone over what???

    DON Lyricson!!!

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