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Bahamians Diss Vybz Kartel Over New Line Of Skincare Products

Bahamians are not amused by the pending launch of Vybz Kartel’s new line of skincare products, which includes Vybz Body Brightener, Vybz Skin Brightener Vybz Astringent & OH! Men’s cologne & women’s perfume.

The Bahamas Tribune recently conducted an interview where random people on the Caribbean island was asked if they would purchase any of the products. But a shocking majority labeled the dancehall star as “hypocritical” in introducing the products.

One person went even further to state that any product that made them look like the “World Boss” will make them look like a hot mess. Another Bahamian pointed out Vybz’s skin bleaching & tattoos; comparing him to a walking corpse.

In true Vybz Kartel form, the self proclaim “Worl’Boss said he doesn’t care about the response. The Portmore Empire head laments that the, “Tribune interviewing a cross-section of Bahamian people didn’t truly represent the country’s feeling on a whole regarding the skin care line.”

The “Cake Soap” deejay added that, “if people can buy guns that kill off members of their own society then there should be no problem with persons buying his skin care products & fragrances.”

Vybz Kartel’s new line of skincare products should hit the market on September 15.

See photos of Vybz Kartel skincare products below

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