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Amy Winehouse Died From Seizure Caused By Alcohol Detox

As fans continues to mourn the death of the late British singer, her dad has stepped forward to discuss the true cause of her death.

According to her dad, Mitch, Amy Winehouse died after suffering a seizure related to alcohol detoxification.

Speaking on Anderson Cooper on his show, Mitch said, “Everything Amy did, she did to excess. She drank to excess and did detox to excess.”

Mitch said his daughter was “heading in the right direction” before her death.

“The periods of abstinence were becoming longer, and the periods of drinking were becoming shorter,” he said.

Toxicology reports published last month ruled out a drugs overdose, but revealed that alcohol was in her system at the time of her death on July 23rd.

In related news, Amy Winehouse’s album Back To Black is now the UK’s biggest-selling album of the 21st century. Back to Black is the second studio LP from Winehouse, released in 2006. The album sold over 175,000 units since the singer’s death.