Beenie Man Tells D’Angel, “End Mi Hurt And Heartache” [Video]

Dancehall star Beenie Man spilling more beans on his failed marriage to D’Angel.

According to the Doc, he has been asking for quite some time for a divorce. But fans are asking why didn’t he make the first step?

“Mi ask her fi a divorce and I got it and I accept it,” Beenie Man said.

In a recent interview with Emix, Beenie said his soon to be ex-wife absence from his birthday party last month was the last straw.

‚ÄúRegardless if mi and her have a divorce agreement fi deal wid, she shoulda still come a my birthday because mi a her husband & me is Marco Dean father,” Beenie Man said in Jamaican patois.


“Why should you call me & tell me pon my phone seh yuh a go to Bounty Killer birthday party, when Bounty Killer disrespect you so much in the media & call yuh di worst tings.”

Beenie Man said he and D’Angel have always had a roller-coaster marriage after breaking up and making up several times. An inside source first told Urban Islandz about the couples frequent fights and marital issues earlier this year.

Peep Beenie Man interview below.