L.A Lewis Allegedly Offered $100 Thousand To Skip MP Race

The powers that be does not want the graffiti artist making a mockery of the electoral process.

Dancehall artist LA Lewis has allegedly been offered JM$100 thousand dollars in cash not to run for MP for the West Kingston seat.

According to the 7 Star General, someone left the money on his doorstep just a week after making it known that he will be going into politics. Lewis said a letter accompanied the money, urging him not to make a mockery of the electoral process & inform the media that he has no interest in politics, given that he has no prior political experience.

Despite the offer, Lewis said has no intention to stop his campaign for the West Kingston seat, “I am just waiting on approval from the General Secretary.”

Lewis is facing prosecution and a JM$70,000 fine for several graffiti in the Kingston area.