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The Reason Beenie Angel Divorcing, D’Angel Issued Statement

As Beenie Man ponders whether or not to sign divorce papers issued to him, his wife D’Angel is making the public know she is serious.

Last week sources told Urban Islandz that D’Angel did not show up at Beenie’s birthday party and has officially filed for divorce. Now said source, who is close to the Doc, is shedding more light on the couple’s estrange marriage.

According to the source, Beenie Man and D’Angel has been having marital problems almost immediately after reconciling last year.

“Both of them are like oil and water, but they love each other a lot,” the source said. “They are always arguing and accusing each other of infidelity, its never smooth sailing from late last year things started deteriorating again, family and friends suggest counseling but that never happen.”

The source also added that although divorce papers are filed, there is a good chance that will not happen. “Although divorce papers file, these two people love each other so don’t be surprise if you see them back together,” he said.

D’Angel has since issued a statement.

“After careful consideration, patience, and virtue Michelle Downer aka D’Angel single mother and served Moses Davis aka Beenie Man papers for divorce, recently.

This is a very difficult time for Ms. Downer and she is requesting that the fans, the music fraternity, and the media give her some personal time to deal with this emotional situation. The most important thing in her life right now is the well being of her son, her family, and her career.

D’Angel will continue to maintain a cordial parental relationship with Beenie Man for the sake of a positive and nurturing environment for their son, Marco-Dean Davis. Ms. Downer wishes Mr. Davis happiness and all the best in his future endeavours.”