Rapper Claims Richie Loop Stole Her Song “My Cupp”

US base rapper Flawless Da Rap Chick is accusing dancehall star Richie Loop for stealing the song “My Cupp.”

According to Flawless, she recorded her song in 2008, as a party song.

“‘In my cup’ was a catchphrase used with my friends and so I thought it would be cool as a song, so I wrote it,” she said.

Flawless said she promoted the song in Jamaica and later heard the Richie Loop song on the airwaves.

“Initially, the DJs were playing my song, and when I returned to Jamaica I started to hear his My Cupp instead of mine and that was 2010, so I asked a DJ who is that and he said Richie Loop,” she said.

The rapper says that she contacted a lawyer and she was told that she doesn’t have a case because the words in Richie Loop’s song were not the exact ones she used in her song.

She claims that even Richie Loop’s music video was made based on her video and that’s what led her to leave a rude comment on Richie Loop’s profile and he responded.

“He accused me of trying to get more views for my video. I don’t have a ‘crab inna barrel’ mentality, and he is a hypocrite because he stole my song and is acting like I’m trying to get respect from him,” she said.

Richie Loop has since denied the allegation.

“She sang a song and it didn’t work, she is just looking a hype; try something else,” he said.