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Sizzla Kalonji Condition Improved Following Deadly Accident

Reggae icon Sizzla Kalonji’s condition has improved following a hit and run accident involving the singer.

Sizzla, born Miguel Collins, was thrown off his bike several meters along the Salem main Road in St. Ann last week Wednesday (Aug 24), by a bus attempting to overtake him. The bus driver did not stop to help the singer.

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A close relative of the singer told Urban Islandz that his condition improved significantly over the last couple of days.

“He is talking and eating on his own now but complain about feeling some pain,” the relative disclosed. “Kalonji is a strong and resilient individual, and will pull through. We just give thanks to the almighty.”

Last week a relative of singer told Urban Islandz reps that he suffered several life threatening injuries but was aided by his dreadlocks from getting severe head injuries. The “Solid As A Rock” singer suffered broken arms and ribs, a fractured collar bone and ruptured liver resulting in severe internal bleeding.

Sizzla was initially transferred to the University Hospital of The West Indies, but is now being treated in a more private undisclosed environment due to fears of the singer massive fan base converging on the institution.