DRAMA: No D’Angel At Beenie Man Party, The Doc Fuming

Dancehall’s favourite couple, Beenie Man and D’Angel, finds themselves back on the radar.

Urban Islandz has been getting rumors from anonymous sources that the two are again experiencing marital turbulence, but this recent episode may confirm those talks.

Apparently the Angel did not flew down to give Beenie her blessings at his birthday party last night. That did not go down well with the “No Talk Too Long” deejay.

“Imagine mi de a mi birthday party and ah cut mi cake and mi wife no de ya wid mi,” a source told Urban Islandz that Beenie Man told the massive crowd.

The source said Beenie Man was obvious fuming but was consoled by Ishawna, who cut the cake with him.

“She nuh come a my party but she go a Bounty Killer birthday party…. f*ck her,” Beenie Man said to the amazement of fans.

Beenie Man said since he now got back his visa he is going to divorce his wife. “Mi get mi visa… so mi ago sign di divorce paper,” the doc said in a recent interview.