Beenie Man Talks Relationship With Vybz Kartel, Gully Alliance Feud [Audio]

Dancehall self proclaim king Beenie Man is not one to shy away from questions relating to rival artists in dancehall.

In a recent interview with Walshy, the Doc opened up about getting back his visa, his relationship with former friend and rival deejay Vybz Kartel, and the surprising feud between Alliance and Gully.

“America gi mi a birthday present,” Beenie said of getting back his US visa. “Am a Jamaican am not an American, I don’t have an American passport, but dem seh a group a name come down and den the police of Jamaica give dem information about me because my name never de pon di list.”

Beenie Man also call out Mavado for constantly getting into trouble with the law even though he recently got back his US visa.

“We need fi be entertainers and support the youths dem, we no need fi a go a jail and a create problems,” Beenie Man said.

On his current relationship with Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man said he don’t have any conflict with Vybz Kartel because he is working with Corey Todd. Beenie said it would be difficult for him to hail Vybz Kartel on the street because of “the brown thing” (bleaching).

“Mi a rastaman and mi no mixup inna certain things,” Beenie Man said.

On the Gully Alliance feud Beenie Man said that is family business, “father need fi know wha him a do wid him son dem, cuz member inno Kartel was him son and Kartel gone, now Mavado out fi cut, so di father muss a do something wrong.”


“It no sound good when a father and son a fight and is the father fault. We as artist its difficult fi get involve because if you know where its coming from you woulda vex to, if you was Mavado you would be vex to.”

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    nah nnid for father’s son fight.

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    pu–y a u a old news………..

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    Taichiveyi Chipandu

    Bouñty should just accept he is old news and let young blood take over.