Khago Fired His Manager Bankey

Breakthrough reggae dancehall sensation Khago has fired his manager Paul ‘Bankey’ Giscombe over what he called mishandling of his career

“I am the ultimate boss of my career so as of this date, August 14, I will no longer be represented by Paul Giscombe as his mismanagement of my career hascaused me a lot of stress,” Khago said.

Khago, born Ricardo Gayle, said Bankey did not consult him on most business and bookings decision that affected his career. Most notably, Khago said Bankey sided with I-Octane during their feud.

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“Him shelve mi career when him tek I-Octane side when the Blood A Boil song just come out, and worse, him never even consult wid me before him go to the paper and say him no agree wid me doing that song. It stall mi career because from January, mi hardly a get no show, ah just one month ago mi fly for the first time, months after mi have the Nah Sell Out Mi Friend Dem, the biggest song inna Jamaica fi 2010,” he said.”Bankey turn down dozens of shows for me, him cramp me bad.”

To compound the situation, Khago said on his first international performance he flew coach while his manager flew first class.

“Ah history that mek, most people never hear about something like that happening. How the artiste ah travel coach and the manager ah travel first class? How that work? What kind of management is that?” he asked.

Khago said Bankey’s management of his career demoralised him and has started to affect his creativity as an artist.

Do you think Khago have a point.