Chase Cross Breaks Silence On Dissing Bounty Killer, “Him Seh Wi Mash Him Him Party” [Video]

Gullyside deejay Chase Cross has finally broken his silence on dissing Alliance general Bounty Killer.

In his first interview since releasing a diss track aimed at Killer, Cross said everything started from the incident at the club where a close friend of the Gullyside was shot and killed.

“The whole thing started from the incident at the Quad where one of our friends got shot and end up dying,” Chase Cross told Anthony Miller. “Bounty Killer and his friends was saying Mavado and him friends dem come mash up wi party, wi neva invite dem cuz wi an dem anno friend.”

Chase Cross also said Bounty Killer did not called Mavado and send his condolence after the incident.

“Mavado called him like several times and he hasn’t answered his phone,” Chase Cross said.

Chase Cross also have a message for Bounty Killer.